Volume 31  Issue 4  December 2007


The Return of the Slum: Does Language Matter?

Tenement City: The Emergence of Multi‐storey Districts Through Large‐scale Private Landlordism in Nairobi

Segregation, Social Polarization and Immigration in Athens during the 1990s: Theoretical Expectations and Contextual Difference

Re‐urbanizing London Docklands: Gentrification, Suburbanization or New Urbanism?

Mixed Land Use and Equity in Water Governance in Peri‐Urban Bangkok

Transport Policy and the Car Divide in the UK, the US and France: Beyond the Environmental Debate

Mobility across Borders: Contextualizing Local Strategies to Circumvent Visa and Work Permit Requirements

The Role of Dynamic Capabilities and Social Capital in Breaking Socio‐Institutional Inertia in Regional Development


Labour Geography: A Work in Progress

‘Call if You Have Trouble’: Mobile Phones and Safety among College Students

Review Essays

Business as usual: New York City after 9/11

Book Reviews

Walking the Tight Rope: Informal Livelihoods and Social Networks in a West African City – By Ilda Lourenço‐Lindell

AIDS in Africa: How the Poor are Dying – By Nana K. Poku

China’s Urban Transition – By John Friedmann

Roma and Gypsy‐Travellers in Europe. Modernity, Race, Space and Exclusion – By Angus Bancroft

Urban Planning Today – Edited by William S. Saunders