Volume 32  Issue 1  March 2008


Forging Glocal Governance? Urban Infrastructures as Networked Financial Products

Mumbai’s Development Mafias: Globalization, Organized Crime and Land Development

Uneven Development, Inter‐scalar Tensions, and the Politics of Decentralization in South Korea

Polish Regions in the Age of a Knowledge‐based Economy


Plural Governance, Participation and Democracy in Cities

Towards Radicalized Communicative Rationality: Resident Involvement and Urban Democracy in Rotterdam and Antwerp

Citizen Participation in a Mediated Age: Neighbourhood Governance in The Netherlands

Building a Vision for the Post‐Apartheid City: What Role for Participation in Johannesburg’s City Development Strategy?

Participatory Budgeting in Europe: Potentials and Challenges


Debate on Gentrification

Gentrification ‘Research’ and the Academic Nobility: A Different Class?

Comment on ‘The Eviction of Critical Perspectives from Gentrification Research’

A Response to ‘The Eviction of Critical Perspectives from Gentrification Research’

On ‘The Eviction of Critical Perspectives’

Relocating Gentrification: The Working Class, Science and the State in Recent Urban Research

The Only Class in Town? Gentrification and the Middle‐Class Colonization of the City and the Urban Imagination

‘A Literal Necessity to be Re‐Placed’: A Rejoinder to the Gentrification Debate

Book Reviews

City Publics: The (Dis)enchantment of Urban Encounters – By Sophie Watson

Comparative Planning Cultures – Edited by Bishwapriya Sanyal

Indian Industrial Clusters – Edited by Keshab Das

Deflecting Immigration: Networks, Markets, and Regulation in Los Angeles – By Ivan Light

Labor Movement: How Migration Regulates Labor Markets – By Harald Bauder

Shadow Cities; a Billion Squatters, a New Urban World – By Robert Neuwirth

Privileged Places: Race, Residence and the Structure of Opportunity – By Gregory D. Squires and Charis E. Kubrin

The Frightened Land: Land, Landscape and Politics in South Africa in the Twentieth Century – By Jennfier Beningfield


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