Volume 33  Issue 4  December 2009


Land Development, Inequality and Urban Villages in China

Land Commodification: New Land Development and Politics in China since the Late 1990s

Access to Housing in Urban China

Housing Inequality in Transitional Beijing

Urbanization and Informal Development in China: Urban Villages in Shenzhen


The Lost Community? Public Housing and Social Capital in Santiago de Chile, 1985–2001

The Uneven Impact of Neoliberalism on Housing Opportunities

Mixed Communities: A New Approach to Spatially Concentrated Poverty in England

Managing Marginality in Railway Stations: Beyond the Welfare and Social Control Debate


Erasure: Temporality and the Second Generation

Conferences and the Production of Knowledge

Tackling Urban Apartheid: Report from the Social Forum of Popular Neighbourhoods in Paris

Something Can Be Done! — A Report on the Conference ‘Right to the City. Prospects for Critical Urban Theory and Practice’, Berlin November 2008

City Debates 2008: Spaces of Faith and Fun

Book Reviews

Power in the Global Age – By Ulrich Beck
Cosmopolitan Vision – By Ulrich Beck

Badlands of the Republic: Space, Politics and Urban Policy – By Mustafa Dikeç

Identity, Place, Knowledge: Social Movements Contesting Globalization – By Janet M. Conway

Crisis and the Everyday in Postsocialist Moscow – By Olga Shevchenko

The Evolving Arab City: Tradition, Modernity and Urban Development – Edited by Yasser Elsheshtawy

Space, Difference, Everyday Life: Reading Henri Lefebvre – Edited by Kanishka Goonewardena, Stefan Kipfer, Richard Milgrom and Christian Schmid

After the Car – By Kingsley Dennis and John Urry

Local Democracy under Siege: Activism, Public Interest, and Private Politics – By Dorothy Holland, Donald M. Nonini, Catherine Lutz, Lesley Bartlett, Marla Frederick‐McGlathery, Thaddeus C. Guldbrandsen and Enrique G. Murillo Jr