Volume 34  Issue 1  March 2010


Reorienting Urban Development? Structural Obstruction to New Urban Forms

Security Zones and New York City’s Shrinking Public Space

Gazprom versus the Skyline: Spatial Displacement and Social Contention in St. Petersburg

Defending Illicit Livelihoods: Youth Resistance in Harare’s Contested Spaces

The Sound of Berlin: Subculture and the Global Music Industry

The Fairest Cape of Them All? Cape Town in Cinematic Imagination


Local Governance and Participation under Neoliberalism: Comparative Perspectives

Governing Ourselves: Citizen Participation and Governance in Barcelona and Manchester

The ‘Right to the City’: Institutional Imperatives of a Developmental State

Building and Contesting Neoliberalism at the Local Level: Reflections on the Symposium and on Recent Experience in Bolivia


The Influence of Google on Urban Policy in Developing Countries

Legitimation Crisis and the Greek Explosion

Remember Remember the 6 of December . . . A Rebellion or the Constituting Moment of a Radical Morphoma?

Rebels with a Cause: The December 2008 Greek Youth Movement as the Condensation of Deeper Social and Political Contradictions

Neoliberalism, Identification Process and the Dialectics of Crisis

From the December Youth Uprising to the Rebirth of Urban Social Movements: A Space–Time Approach

Book Reviews

Violence between Young People in Night‐Time Leisure Zones – Edited by Amadeu Recasens
 Rioting in the UK and France – Edited by David Waddington, Fabien Jobard and Mike King

Globalization and Belonging – By Mike Savage, Gaynor Bagnall and Brian Longhurst

Cities in Contemporary Africa – Edited by Martin J. Murray and Garth A. Myers

Unanticipated Gains. Origins of Network Inequality in Everyday Life – By Mario Luis Small

Learning to be Capitalists: Entrepreneurs in Vietnam’s Transition Economy – By Annette M. Kim

Urban Utopias: The Built and Social Architectures of Alternative Settlements – By Malcolm Miles

Shanghai Rising: State Power and Local Transformations in a Global Megacity – Edited by Xiangming Chen, with Zhenhua Zhou

Whose School Is It? Women, Children, Memory and Practice in the City – By Rhoda H. Halperin


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