Volume 35  Issue 1  January 2011


Cities in a World of Cities: The Comparative Gesture

Questioning the Theoretical Basis of Current Global‐City Research: Structures, Networks and Actor‐Networks

Lagos, Koolhaas and Partisan Politics in Nigeria

Moving up the Ladder or Stuck on the Bottom Rung? Homeownership as a Solution to Poverty in Urban South Africa

Legacies, Change and Transformation in the Post‐Apartheid City: Towards an Urban Sociological Cartography

Revisiting Shibboleths of Race and Urban Economy: Black Employment in Manufacturing and the Public Sector Compared, Chicago 1950–2000

The Local Wreckage of Global Capital: The Subprime Crisis, Federal Policy and High‐Foreclosure Neighborhoods in the US

The Citizen Participation of Urban Movements in Spatial Planning: A Comparison between Vigo and Porto

Gender Water Networks: Femininity and Masculinity in Water Politics in Bolivia

Urban Worlds

The Los Angeles School: Difference, Politics, City

Book Reviews

Private Cities: Global and Local Perspectives – By Georg Glasze, Chris Webster and Klaus Frantz; Gated Communities – By Rowland Atkinson and Sarah Blandy

Invisible City: Poverty Housing and New Urbanism – By John Ingram Gilderbloom

Those Who Work, Those Who Don’t: Poverty, Morality, and Family in Rural America – By Jennifer Sherman

Policing Post‐Conflict Cities – By Alice Hills

Remaking Chinese Urban Form: Modernity, Scarcity and Space, 1949–2005 – By Duanfang Lu

Gender, Race and National Identity: Nations of Flesh and Blood – By Jackie Hogan


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