Volume 35  Issue 3  May 2011

Urban Worlds

The Infrastructural Limits to Growth: Rethinking the Urban Growth Machine in Times of Fiscal Crisis


Gentrifying the State, Gentrifying Participation: Elite Governance Programs in Delhi

The Dream of Delhi as a Global City

Speculative Urbanism and the Making of the Next World City

International Events and Mass Evictions: A Longer View

State Tansformation and Regional Development in Taiwan: From Developmentalist Strategy to Populist Subsidy

State and Society in Local Governance: Lessons from a Multilevel Comparison

Squatting and Urban Renewal: The Interaction of Squatter Movements and Strategies of Urban Restructuring in Berlin

Ghettos and Enclaves in the Cross‐Place Realm: Mapping Socially Bounded Spaces Across Cities

Book Reviews

Housing Market Renewal and Social Class – By Chris Allen; The Ideology of Home Ownership – By Richard Ronald

Emotion, Place and Culture – Edited by Mick Smith, Joyce Davidson, Laura Cameron and Liz Bondi

Cities, Nationalism, and Democratization – By Scott A. Bollens

New Geographies of Race and Racism – Edited by Claire Dwyer and Caroline Bressey

Metroburbia USA – By Paul L. Knox

America’s Waterfront Revival: Port Authorities and Urban Redevelopment – By Peter H. Brown

Urban Poverty in China – By Fulong Wu, Chris Webster, Shenjing He and Yuting Liu

Landlords and Lodgers: Socio‐spatial Organization in an Accra Community – By Deborah Pellow