Volume 36  Issue 3  May 2012

Urban Worlds

Extraordinary Cities: Early ‘City‐ness’ and the Origins of Agriculture and States


How the People of Butembo (RDC) were Chosen to Embody ‘the New Congo’: Or What the Appearance of a Poster in a City’s Public Places can Teach about its Social Tissue

Recreative City: Amsterdam, Vehicular Ideas and the Adaptive Spaces of Creativity Policy

Towards a ‘Consensual’ Urban Politics? Creative Planning, Urban Sustainability and Regional Development

Artistic Urbanization: Creative Industries and Creative Control in Beijing

Creativity and Social Innovation: What Can Urban Policies Learn from Sectoral Experiences?

Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Spaces of Multiplicity in Cusco, Peru

Exploring the Metropolitan Trap: The Case of Montreal

Between Spectacle and Banality: Trajectories of Islamic Radicalism in a Karachi Neighbourhood

Women, Work and Public Spaces: Conflict and Coexistence in Karachi’s Poor Neighborhoods

Spectacular Urbanization amidst Variegated Geographies of Globalization: Learning from Abu Dhabi’s Trajectory through the Lives of South Asian Men

Book Reviews

Rights of Passage: Sidewalks and the Regulation of Public Flow – By Nicholas Blomley; Sidewalks. Conflict and Negotiations over Public Space – By Anastasia Loukaitou‐Sideris and Renia Ehrenfeucht

Banished: The New Social Control in Urban America – By Katherine Beckett and Steve Herbert

Divergent Social Worlds: Neighborhood Crime and the Racial–Spatial Divide – By Ruth D. Peterson and Lauren J. Krivo

Whose Urban Renaissance? An International Comparison of Urban Regeneration Strategies – Edited by Libby Porter and Kate Shaw

Bringing Outsiders In. Transatlantic Perspectives on Immigrant Political Incorporation – Edited by Jennifer L. Hochschild and John H. Mollenkopf

The Europeanization of Cities: Policies, Urban Change and Urban Networks – Edited by Alexander Hamedinger and Alexander Wolffhardt

Structures of Memory: Understanding Urban Change in Berlin and Beyond – By Jennifer A. Jordan

Youth and the City in the Global South – Edited by Karen Tranberg Hansen