Volume 38  Issue 2  March 2014


Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities

Experiments and Counter‐Experiments in the Urban Laboratory of Water‐ Supply Partnerships in India

‘Give Me a Laboratory and I Will Lower Your Carbon Footprint!’ — Urban Laboratories and the Governance of Low‐Carbon Futures

Planning and Experimental Knowledge Production: Zeche Zollverein as an Urban Laboratory

Houses of Experiment: Modern Housing and the Will to Laboratorization

Urban Worlds

Neighborhood as Spatial Project: Making the Urban Order on the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront


Analysing Place and Place‐making: Urbanization in Suburban Oslo

The Violence of Abstract Space: Contested Regional Developments in Southern Mexico

Politics in the Informalizing Metropolis: Displacement, Resettlement and Unstable Negotiations in Uncivil Ahmedabad

Urbanizing Refuge: Interrogating Spaces of Displacement

The ‘Graying’ of ‘Green’ Zones: Spatial Governance and Irregular Settlement in Xochimilco, Mexico City

Paying for Pipes, Claiming Citizenship: Political Agency and Water Reforms at the Urban Periphery

Law, Property and Ambiguity: The Uses and Abuses of Legal Ambiguity in Remaking Istanbul’s Informal Settlements

Stepping out of the Twilight? Assessing the Governance Implications of Land Titling and Regularization Programmes

How Do Squatters Deal with the State? Legalization and Anomalous Institutionalization in Madrid


Preface to a Debate on ‘Street Music’, Urban Ethnography and Ghettoized Communities

Hip‐Hop as Urban and Regional Research: Encountering an Insider’s Ethnography of City Life

Rebels Without a Pause: Hip‐hop and Resistance in the City

Hip‐hop and Urban Studies

‘Street Music’, Urban Ethnography and Ghettoized Communities

Hip‐hop Urbanism Old and New

Book Reviews

The Future of Sustainable Cities: Critical Reflections – Edited by John Flint and Mike Raco

Urban Informalities: Reflections on the Formal and Informal – Edited by Colin McFarlane and Michael Waibel

Driving Detroit: The Quest for Respect in the Motor City – By George Galster

Florida’s Snowbirds: Spectacle, Mobility, and Community since 1945 – By Godefroy Desrosiers‐Lauzon

Patients of the State: The Politics of Waiting in Argentina – By Javier Auyero

Engineers and Communities: Transforming Sanitation in Contemporary Brazil – By Earthea Nance

Housing the New Russia – By Jane Zavisca

Post‐Soviet Social: Neoliberalism, Social Modernity, Biopolitics – By Stephen J. Collier