Volume 38  Issue 6  November 2014

Urban Worlds

Unveiling Urban Sprawl in the Mediterranean Region: Towards a Latent Urban Transformation?


Living on the Edge: Lessons from the Peri‐urban Village

Land Tenure in the Changing Peri‐Urban Areas of Ethiopia: The Case of Bahir Dar City

Impacts of Privatization of Customary Land Rights in Zambia: A Comparative Study of Rural and Peri‐urban Locations

Everyday Lives in Vertical Neighbourhoods: Exploring Bangladeshi Residential Spaces in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs

Beautifying the Slum: Cable Car Fetishism in Cazucá, Colombia

Neighbourhood Effects as Indirect Effects: Evidence from a Dutch Case Study on the Significance of Neighbourhood for Employment Trajectories

Risky Businesses? Young People in Informal Self‐Employment in Sofia

Generational Dimensions of Neoliberal and Post‐Fordist Restructuring: The Changing Characteristics of Young Adults and Growing Income Inequality in Montreal and Vancouver

Neighbourhood Spatial Order, the Local Economy and Firm Mobility in Urban Areas of the Netherlands

The Dortmund Case — On the Enactment of an Urban Economic Imaginary

Korean Television Dramas and the Political Economy of City Promotion

Cracks in the Creative City: The Contradictions of Community Arts Practice

Dynamics of Inventor Networks and the Evolution of Technology Clusters

Decentralization is Dead, Long Live Decentralization! Capital City Reform and Political Rights in Kampala, Uganda

Cultural Cooperation, Institution Building and Metropolitan Governance in Decentralizing Indonesia

Spatial Imaginaries of the Dutch–German–Belgian Borderlands: A Multidimensional Analysis of Cross‐Border Regional Governance

Facilitative Leadership and the Challenge of Renewing Local Democracy in Italy

The Struggle for a Voice: Tensions between Associations and Citizens in Participatory Budgeting

The Postcolonial City and its Displaced Poor: Rethinking ‘Political Society’ in Delhi

The Weaknesses of Civic Territorial Organizations: Civic Engagement and Homeowners Associations in Urban China

Book Reviews

Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and the Politics of the Local – Edited by Gavin Shatkin

Africa’s Urban Revolution – By Susan Parnell and Edgar Pieterse

Small Cities USA: Growth, Diversity and Inequality – By Jon Norman

Majoritarian Cities: Policy Making and Inequality in Urban Politics – By Neil Kraus

The Radicals’ City: Urban Environment, Polarisation, Cohesion – By Ralf Brand and Sarah Fregonese

Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class – By Jerome Krase

Crossing Borders: International Exchange and Planning Practices – Edited by Patsy Healey and Robert Upton

Communities and Networks. Using Social Network Analysis to Rethink Urban and Community Studies – By Katherine Giuffre