IJURR Archive Online

Mar 9th, 2011

Examine the Foundations of Current Research…. Unearth Forgotten and Lost Knowledge…..

We are delighted to announce that all back issues of IJURR are available online back to Volume 1.

A groundbreaking forum for intellectual debate, IJURR is at the forefront of critical urban and regional research, with a cutting edge approach to linking theoretical development and empirical research, and a consistent demand for quality. Some of the most influential scholars have published in IJURR including articles by Ash Amin, Patrick Dunleavy, Susan Fainstein, David Harvey, Margit Mayer, Doreen Massey and Jamie Peck.

We now invite you to browse and discover essential reading from an unparalleled range of critical, comparative and geographic perspectives on the changing roles and futures of our cities and regions.