New IJURR Editors

Jan 7th, 2016

We are pleased to announce we have two new editors at IJURR

Ananya Roy is Professor of Urban Planning and Social Welfare and inaugural Director of The Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin. Her scholarship has focused on urban transformations in the global South, with particular attention to the making of “world-class” cities and the dispossessions and displacements that are thus wrought. A separate line of inquiry has been concerned with new regimes of international development, especially those that seek to convert poverty into entrepreneurial capitalism and the economies of the poor into new markets for global finance. Her ongoing research examines what she calls the “urban land question”–  in India, as well as in globally interconnected nodes across North and South. Her emphasis is on how poor people’s movements challenge evictions and foreclosures, thereby creating political openings for new legal and policy frameworks for the use and management of urban land. Roy’s most recent book is Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South, co-edited with Emma Shaw Crane. For more on her publications, see:

Fulong Wu is Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London. His research interests focus around urban geography – including migration and social integration, and urban poverty and deprivation – and urban development in China and its social and sustainable challenges. His most recently published book is entitled, Planning for Growth: Urban and Regional Planning in China (2015, Routledge). He was awarded 2013 Outstanding International Impact Prize by UK ESRC. Further information can be found here.