New Spotlight On: The City at War

Feb 21st, 2017

The second issue of IJURR’s free “Spotlight On” web series focuses on military urbanism and urban terrorism. What are the socio-material effects of the new urban geographies of war? In the years following the September 11, 2001 attacks, urban scholarship began to theorize the geographical shift of military conflict towards cities, with various IJURR authors contributing to this conceptualization of urban warfare. Drawing on a range of urban cases and disciplinary perspectives, the contributions to this Spotlight provide an update and an extension of this work.

The essays by Saskia Sassen, Jon Coaffee, Mona Harb, Miriam Greenberg and Lior Volinz, as well as some seminal pieces by Peter Marcuse, Steve Graham, Kimberly Kinder a.o. are now available for free here.