Ray Pahl Fellowship in Urban Studies 2015, University of Chile – Call for Applicants

Nov 14th, 2014

The Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS), a charity associated with the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, wishes to appoint a post-doctoral Research Fellow, for the calendar year 2015. The Fellowship will be based in the COES (Center for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies) at the University of Chile is now open and is for a period of twelve months, starting in March 2015.

The Fellowship is open to any scholar of recent postdoctoral standing who is a citizen of a Latin American country (excluding Chile) and who would find at the COES a congenial work environment for intellectual reflection, scholarly engagement and debate, and writing. Preference will be given to scholars whose work relates to cities of Latin America.

Further information is available here in English, and here in Spanish.

Applications are due by Friday 12th December 2014.