Upcoming Spotlight on Forum: Extreme Heat in Urban South Asia

Sep 8th, 2023

In collaboration with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, we will be co-hosting a lively discussion with the authors of the latest  IJURR Spotlight on: Extreme Heat in Urban South Asia.

This talk brings together six established and emerging scholars to discuss the everyday politics of thermal violence in urban South Asia. This event will highlight key issues pertaining to the unique challenges that rising temperatures pose for South Asia, and the harms imposed on poor, marginalized, and vulnerable inhabitants, including rise in old and new chronic disease burdens, worsening respiratory conditions, heat stress related injuries, displacement, and infrastructural damage. Speakers will reflect on the legacies of planning failures, the socio-spatial inequalities, and the infrastructural disconnects that are exacerbating thermal exposure and weaponizing the built environment. With South Asia at the forefront of the growing governance and environmental health crisis of extreme heat, this talk will provide critical insights on thermo-violence and the urban politics of extreme heat in Karachi, Kathmandu, Hyderabad, and elsewhere in urban South Asia.

This will be an online event, on Wednesday September 13th 11.30 BST/4 pm IST. Please register here to join us!