Berlin Wall, 9-11 November 1989 (photo by Terry McBride)

These classic and recent articles published in IJURR provide a flavour of the kind of critical urban scholarship associated with the journal. IJURR is a forum for scholarship from a variety of disciplines, but we are especially proud of our long association with RC21 (Urban and Regional Development) of the International Sociology Association).

IJURR was founded in 1977 by many of the scholars who had formed RC21 a few years earlier, including Ray Pahl, Enzo Mingione, Edmond Preteceille, Manuel Castells, Chris Pickvance, Frances Fox Piven and Michael Harloe. For 35 years, IJURR has pioneered many of the key debates in urban sociology and urban studies more generally. Led by a truly multinational (and multilingual) editorial team, IJURR promotes the critical study of the city and urban life, across North America, Europe and the ‘global South’.

Jeremy Seekings,
IJURR Editor
August 2011

The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research: An Editorial Statement
Jeremy Seekings and Roger Keil

Beyond Housing Classes
Peter Saunders

Postfordism in Question
Andrew Sayer

Les Conditions Sociales d’Emergence des Mouvements Sociaux Urbains
Manuel Castells

The Infrastructural Limits to Growth: Rethinking the Urban Growth Machine in Times of Fiscal Crisis
L. Owen Kirkpatrick and Michael Peter Smith

Speculative Urbanism and the Making of the Next World City
Michael Goldman

Social Mix Policies in Paris: Discourses, Policies and Social Effects
Marie-Hélène Bacqué, Yankel Fijalkow, Lydie Launay and Stéphanie Vermeersch

The Los Angeles School: Difference, Politics, City
Walter J. Nicholls

Exclusionary Policies are Not Just about the ‘Neoliberal City’: A Critique of Theories of Urban Revanchism and the Case of Rotterdam
Gwen Van Eijk

Governing Ourselves: Citizen Participation and Governance in Barcelona and Manchester
Georgina Blakeley

Separate and Unequal: The Consumption of Public Education in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Joshua M. Akers

Recreative City: Amsterdam, Vehicular Ideas and the Adaptive Spaces of Creativity Policy
Jamie Peck

When Life Itself is War: On the Urbanization of Military and Security Doctrine
Stephen Graham

Securing the Majority: Living through Uncertainty in Jakarta
AbdouMaliq Simone and Vyjayanthi Rao