Current Issue  Volume 43  Issue 2  March 2019


Futures of Crisis, Futures of Urban Political Theory: Flooding in Asian Coastal Megacities

Evicting Slums, ‘Building Back Better’: Resiliency Revanchism and Disaster Risk Management in Manila

Urban Waterscapes: The Hydro‐Politics of Flooding in a Sinking City

Resilient Growth: Fantasy Plans and Unplanned Developments in India’s Flood‐Prone Coastal Cities


When Diverse Norms Meet Weak Plans: The Organizational Dynamics of Urban Rubble Clearance in Post‐Earthquake Haiti

Silence and Voice in Nigeria’s Hybrid Urban Water Markets: Implications for Local Governance of Public Goods

Irregular Connections: Everyday Energy Politics in Catalonia

Recovering Sociology from the Trash Heap: Of Waste Politics and the Spatialization of Local Representation in Lagos

Problematizing Urban Shit(ting): Representing Human Waste as a Problem

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