Book Reviews


Harvey, David, Justice, Nature & the Geography of Difference

Jeffrey, Charlie, (ed.) The Regional Dimension of the European Union. Towards a Third Level in Europe?

Keating, Michael and Jeffrey Loughlin (eds.)The Political Economy of Regionalism

Le Galès, Patrick and Christian Lequesne, (eds.) Les Paradoxes des régions en Europe

Grabner, Gernot and David Stark, (eds.) Restructuring networks in post‐socialism. Legacies, linkages and localities

Taylor, Ian, Karen Evans and Penny Fraser, A Tale of Two Cities: Global Change, Local Feeling and Everyday Life in the North of England. A Study in Manchester and Sheffield

Caulfield, Jon and Linda Peake, (eds.) City Lives and City Forms. Critical Research and Canadian Urbanism

Turnbull, Geoffrey K., Urban Consumer Theory

Barringer, Herbert, Robert W. Gardner and Michael Levin Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States

Hardy, Sally, Mark Hart, Albrechts Louis and Anastasios Katos An Enlarged Europe: Regions in Competition?