Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Eade, John (ed.) Living the global city: globalization as local process

Green, Charles (ed.) Globalization and survival in the black diaspora: the new urban challenge

Kohler‐Koch, B. et alInteraktive Politik in Europa: Regionen im Netzwerk der Integration [Interactive politics in Europe: the regions in the network of European integration]

Sennett, Richard The corrosion of character: the personal consequences of work in the new capitalism

Flyvbjerg, Bent Rationality and power. Democracy in practice

Cybriwsky, Roman Tokyo: the Shogun’s city at the twenty‐first century

Hebbert, Michael London

Pineo, Ronn and James A. Baer (eds.) Cities of hope: people, protests, and progress in urbanizing Latin America, 1870–1930

Fyfe, Nicholas R. (ed.) Images of the street. Planning, identity and control in public space

Duffy, Francis, with contributions from Kenneth Powell The new office