Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Mike Douglass and John Friedmann, (eds.) Cities for citizens: planning and the rise of civil society in a global age

Eric C. Schneider, Vampires, dragons and Egyptian kings: youth gangs in post‐war New York

Erhard Berner, Defending a place in the city: localities and the struggle for urban land in Metro Manila

Ali Madanipour, Tehran: the making of a metropolis

Linda Tuhiwai‐Smith, Decolonizing methodologies: research and indigenous peoples

Nicholas Low and Brendan Glee, Justice, society and nature: an exploration of political ecology

Rosa Tsagarousianou, Damian Tambiniand and Cathy Bryan, (eds.) Cyberdemocracy: technology, cities and civic networks

Maf Smith, John Whitelegg and Nick Williams, Greening the built environment

Michael V. McGinnis, Bioregionalism

Andrew Leyshon, David Matless and George Revill, (eds.) The place of music