Book Reviews


Books reviwed in this article:

Marco d’Eramo 2002:, The Pig and the Skyscraper. Chicago: A History of Our Future.

Winnie Lem and Belinda Leach 2002:, Cultures, Economy, Power: Anthropology as Critique, Anthropology as Praxis.

John Eade and Christopher Mele (eds.) 2002:, Understanding the City: Contemporary and Future Perspectives.

Jan Rath (ed.) 2002:, Unravelling the Rag Trade: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Seven World Cities.

Herman L. Boschken 2002:, Social Class, Politics, and Urban Markets: The Makings of Bias in Policy Outcomes.

Agnés van Zanten 2001:, L’Ecole de la Périphérie. Scolarité et Ségrégation en Banlieue.

Thomas Phillipp 2001:, Acre: The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian City, 1730–1831.