Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Bouquet, M. and Winter, M. editors, 1987: Who from their labours rest? Conflict and practice in rural tourism.

Chapman, K. and Humphrys, G. editors, 1987: Technical change and industrial policy.

Danson, M. editor, 1986: Redundancy and recession. Restructuring the regions?

Gilroy, P. 1987: ‘There ain’t no black in the Union Jack’: the cultural politics of race and nation.

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Henckel, D., Grabow, B., Knopf, C., Rauch, N. and Regitz, W. 1986: Produktionstechnologien und Raumentwicklung

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Taylor, M. and Thrift, N. editors, 1986: Multinationals and the restructuring of the world economy.

Waldinger, R. 1986: Through the eye of the needle: immigrants and enterprise in New York’s garment trades.