Volume 11  Issue 1  March 1987


Housing inequalities and occupational segregation in state socialist cities: commentary to the special issue of IJURR on east European cities

Government interventions to balance housing supply and urban population growth: the case of Warsaw

Housing policy and the sociospatial structure of cities in a socialist country: the example of Prague

Sociospatial disparities in a ‘socialist’ city: the case of Warsaw at the end of the 1970s

Privatization in housing policy: the case of the western countries and that of Hungary

Reconsidering the roles of the state and the market in socialist housing systems


Housing in Nicaragua

Utopia on trial: a comment on P. Dickens’s review

Utopia on trial: a response to Alice Coleman’s comment

International conference on housing policy research, Gävle, Sweden, July 1986

Book Reviews

Book Reviews