Volume 12  Issue 1  March 1988


Introduction: land and housing development in Middle Eastern and North African cities

The pirate subdeveloper: a new form of land developer in Tunis

Market mechanisms and spontaneous urbanization in Egypt: the Cairo case*

The politics of the urban land market in Turkey: 1950–1980

Housing the urban poor in Egypt: a critique of present policies

The state and fiscal crisis in advanced industrial democracies

Policy variations in local states: uneven development and local social relations*

Inequalities in east European cities: a reply to Iván Szelényi

Inequalities in east European cities: can redistribution ever be equalizing, and if so, why should we avoid it? A reply to Iván Szelényi

The Urban Reform Movement in Brazil

A new programme of urban research in The Netherlands

Conference on The Other Employment, Madrid, May 1987

Round Table on Maghrebian Housing, Aixen‐Provence, 16–18 September 1987

Book Reviews

Book Reviews