Volume 24  Issue 3  September 2000




The Roads to Disaffiliation: Insecure Work and Vulnerable Relationships

Diversity and Complexity in Local Forms of Urban Anti‐Poverty Strategies in Europe

Poverty Alleviation and the Eviction of the Poorest: Towards Urban Land Reform in the Philippines

The Culture Economy of Paris

The Ethnic and Gender Division of Labor Compared Among Immigrants to Los Angeles

Manchester First: From Municipal Socialism to the Entrepreneurial City

Urban Space, Restrictive Covenants and the Origins of Racial Residential Segregation in a US City, 1900–50

Jews, Arabs, Russians and Foreigners in an Israeli City: Ethnic Divisions and the Restructuring Economy of Tel Aviv, 1983–96

Business Networks and New Distribution Methods: The Spread of Franchises in Spain

End of the Empire State? New Labour and Devolution in the United Kingdom

Dome Alone: London’s Millennium Project and the Strategic Planning Deficit

Rent Subsidies in the USA and Housing Allowances in The Netherlands: Worlds Apart

Book Reviews

Book Reviews