Volume 27  Issue 2  June 2003




Urban land rent theory: a regulationist perspective

The slow advance and uneven penetration of commodification

Empowerment Through Participation? Conceptual Explorations and A Case Study

The marketing of diversity in the inner city: tourism and regulation in Harlem

Embedding entrepreneurship in social structure: Israeli‐Arab entrepreneurship

Maquiladora industrialization of the Baja California peninsula: the coexistence of thick and thin globalization with economic regionalism

Restructuring Citizenship in Bolivia: El Plan de Todos


Introduction – Symposium on Branding, the Entertainment Economy and Urban Place Building

Producing nightlife in the new urban entertainment economy: corporatization, branding and market segmentation

The limits of branding: the World Trade Center, fiscal crisis and the marketing of recovery

Hard‐branding the cultural city – from Prado to Prada


Local dimensions of global investment: Israeli property firms in Central Europe

Counting the costs: Denmark’s changing migration policies

Le Pen’s comeback: the 2002 French presidential election

Unruly strangers? The 2001 urban riots in Britain

Review Essays

From Transnationalism to the Emergence of a New Transnational Research Field

Book Reviews

Book Reviews