Volume 30  Issue 1  March 2006


Global City Frontiers: Singapore’s Hinterland and the Contested Socio‐political Geographies of Bintan, Indonesia

Multi‐level Environmentalism and the European Union: The Case of Trans‐European Transport Networks

Political Leadership and Stadium Development in Chicago: Some Cautionary Notes on the Uses of Regime Analysis

‘Policies in Motion’, Urban Management and State Restructuring: The Trans‐Local Expansion of Business Improvement Districts

Partnership and the Limits to Local Governance in England: Institutionalist Analysis and Neoliberalism

Governing Lisbon: Evolving Forms of City Governance

Employment, Social Mobility and Neighbourhood Effects: The Case of Sweden

Connecting Time and Space: The Significance of Transformations in Women’s Work in the City

The Licensing Act 2003 and the Problematization of the Night‐time Economy: Planning, Licensing and Subcultural Closure in the UK

Perceptions, Persecution and Pity: The Limitations of Interventions for Homelessness in Developing Countries


‘The New Path to a New City’? Introduction to a debate on Urban Politics, Social Movements and the Legacies of Manuel Castells’The City and the Grassroots

Recentering the City

Re‐reading Castells: Indifference or Irrelevance Twenty Years On?

Manuel Castells’The City and the Grassroots

Castells’The City and the Grassroots: 1983 and Today

Global Visions and Grassroots Movements: An Anthropological Perspective

Changer la Ville: A Rejoinder

Review Essays

Slum as theory: the South/Asian city and globalization

Book Reviews

The Globalized City: Economic Restructuring and Social Polarization in European Cities – Andrew E.G. Jonas

The Geography of Opportunity: Race and Housing Choice in Metropolitan America – Gregory D. Squires

The Vancouver Achievement: Urban Planning and Design – Leonard J. Evenden

Street Justice: A History of Police Violence in New York City – Sophie Body‐Gendrot

The Imaginative Structure of the City – Scott Rodgers

La Capacité Politique des Régions: Une Comparaison France/Espagne – Alistair Cole

Latino Crossings: Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and the Politics of Race and Citizenship – John J. Betancur

Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City – Steve Pile


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