Volume 32  Issue 3  September 2008


Local Governance as Government–Business Cooperation in Western Democracies: Analysing Local and Intergovernmental Effects by Multi‐Level Comparison

Resurgent Metropolis: Economy, Society and Urbanization in an Interconnected World

An Unusual Clique of City‐Makers: Social Networks in the Production of a Neighborhood in Beirut (1950–75)

Urban Expansion and Industrial Nature: A Political Ecology of Toronto’s Port Industrial District

Recognizing Urban Public Space as a Co‐Educator: Children’s Socialization in Ghent


Spaces of Modernity: Religion and the Urban in Asia and Africa

The Sacred Geography of Bangkok’s Markets

Circuits of Secularity or the Aesthetics of Religion in an Age of Cities and Citations

Crossroads of Religions: Shrines, Mobility and Urban Space in Goa

Religion and Rehabilitation: Humanitarian Biopolitics, City Spaces and Acts of Religion

Accra’s Sounds and Sacred Spaces


Provocations on the Urban Question: Four Essays

The Urban Question as Cargo Cult: Opportunities for a New Urban Pedagogy

Occupancy Urbanism: Radicalizing Politics and Economy beyond Policy and Programs

Urban Interventions: Art, Politics and Pedagogy

Aboriginal Cosmopolitanism

Book Reviews

Review Essay — Stopping Sprawl

Gender, Place and the Labour Market – By Sarah Jenkins

Roads to Post‐Fordism. Labour Markets and Social Structures in Europe – Edited by Max Koch

Framing Strategic Urban Projects: Learning from Current Experiences in European Urban Regions – Edited by Willem Salet and Enrico Gualini

Unfolding the City: Women Write the City in Latin America – Edited by Anne Lambright and Elisabeth Guerrero

Polluted Promises: Environmental Racism and the Search for Justice in a Southern Town – By Melissa Checker

Postcolonial Dublin: Imperial Legacies and the Built Environment – By Andrew Kincaid