Volume 33  Issue 2  June 2009


The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research: An Editorial Statement


The Sociology and Geography of Mortgage Markets: Reflections on the Financial Crisis

Redlining Revisited: Mortgage Lending Patterns in Sacramento 1930–2004

Post‐Industrial Widgets: Capital Flows and the Production of the Urban

Cartographies of Race and Class: Mapping the Class‐Monopoly Rents of American Subprime Mortgage Capital

Creating Liquidity out of Spatial Fixity: The Secondary Circuit of Capital and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Laying the Foundations for a Crisis: Mapping the Historico‐Geographical Construction of Residential Mortgage Backed Securitization in the UK

The Globalization and Europeanization of Mortgage Markets

When Local Housing Becomes an Electronic Instrument: The Global Circulation of Mortgages — A Research Note

Afterword: Mortgage Markets and the Urban Problematic in the Global Transition

Urban Worlds

Municipal Neoliberalism and Municipal Socialism: Urban Political Economy in Latin America


Mexican Urban Governance: How Old and New Institutions Coexist and Interact

The Prospects for Progressive Culture‐Led Urban Regeneration in Latin America: Cases from Mexico City and Buenos Aires

Berlin’s Failed Bid to Host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games: Urban Development and the Improvement of Sports Facilities

Changing Art: SoHo, Chelsea and the Dynamic Geography of Galleries in New York City


Changing Landscapes of Power: Opulence and the Urge for Authenticity

Debate on ‘The Market as the New Emperor’: Introductory Note

Anne Haila’s ‘The Market as the New Emperor’

One Size Does Not Fit All: Land Markets and Property Rights for the Construction of the Just City

Property as Abstraction

Against Institutionalism

Chinese Alternatives

Book Reviews

Urban America: Growth, Crisis, and Rebirth

How East New York Became a Ghetto

The Suburbanization of New York: Is the World’s Greatest City Becoming Just Another Town?

Money and Liberation: The Micropolitics of Alternative Currency Movements

Cities between Competitiveness and Cohesion: Discourses, Realities and Implementation

Shanghai Pudong: Urban Development in an Era of Global–Local Interaction

Body and soul. Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer

The Emancipatory City? Paradoxes and Possibilites