Volume 36  Issue 5  September 2012


Circulation of Security Models in Southern African Cities: Between Neoliberal Encroachment and Local Power Dynamics

The Spread of a Transnational Model: ‘Gated Communities’ in Three Southern African Cities (Cape Town, Maputo and Windhoek)

The Spreading of the City Improvement District Model in Johannesburg and Cape Town: Urban Regeneration and the Neoliberal Agenda in South Africa

Local Politics and the Circulation of Community Security Initiatives in Johannesburg


Social Networks, Segregation and Poverty in São Paulo

Pathways out of Homelessness in Los Angeles and Tokyo: Multilevel Contexts of Limited Mobility amid Advanced Urban Marginality

Whose Paradise? Itinerant Street Vendors’ Individual and Collective Practices of Political Agency in the Tourist Streets of Cusco, Peru

The Transformation of the ‘Barcelona Model’: An Analysis of Culture, Urban Regeneration and Governance

Interpretative Flexibility of the Event‐City: Security, Branding and Urban Entrepreneurialism at the European Football Championships 2008

Contracts and Learning in Complex Urban Projects

How Portugal Became an ‘Unplanned Country’: A Critique of Scholarship on Portuguese Urban Development and Planning

Common Trends and Linkages in the US Manufacturing Sector, 1969–2000

Book Reviews

City Life – By Adrian Franklin; Circulation and the City: Essays on Urban Culture – Edited by Alexandra Boutros and Will Straw; Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography – Edited by Jeremy W. Crampton and Stuart Elden

Place, Exclusion, and Mortgage Markets – By Manuel B. Aalbers

The New Economy of the Inner City: Restructuring, Regeneration and Dislocation in the Twenty‐first‐century Metropolis – By Thomas A. Hutton

Metropolitan Migrants: The Migration of Urban Mexicans to the United States – By Ruben Hernandez‐Leon

Activists in City Hall: The Progressive Response to the Reagan Era in Boston and Chicago – By Pierre Clavel

Life as Politics: How Ordinary People Change the Middle East – By Asef Bayat

Urban Cultures in (Post)Colonial Central Europe – By Agata Anna Lisiak

Begging as a Path to Progress: Indigenous Women and Children and the Struggle for Ecuador’s Urban Spaces – By Kate Swanson