Volume 37  Issue 5  September 2013


Planning Histories and Practices of Circulating Urban Knowledge

Circuits of Knowledge and Techniques: The Transnational Flow of Planning Ideas and Practices

Historicizing Planning, Problematizing Participation

Urban Climatology Applied to Urban Planning: A Postwar Knowledge Circulation Failure

Defensible Space on the Move: Revisiting the Urban Geography of Alice Coleman


Exclusion and Informality: The Praetorian Politics of Land Management in Cairo, Egypt

Planning Discourse versus Land Discourse: The 2009–12 Reforms in Land‐Use Planning Policy and Land Policy in Israel

Planning Practice between Ethics and the Power Game: Making and Applying an Ethical Code for Planning Agencies

Towards an Agenda for Post‐carbon Cities: Lessons from Lilac, the UK’s First Ecological, Affordable Cohousing Community

The Triple Helix Model as Inspiration for Local Development Policies: An Experience‐Based Perspective

A Conceptual Regulatory Framework for the Design and Evaluation of Complex, Participative Cultural Planning Strategies

How Culture and Economy Meet in South Korea: The Politics of Cultural Economy in Culture‐led Urban Regeneration

Don’t Plan! The Use of the Notion of ‘Culture’ in Transforming Obsolete Industrial Space

Cultural Economy Planning in Creative Cities: Discourse and Practice

A Smooth Ride? From Industrial to Creative Urbanism in Oshawa, Ontario

Alternative Capitalism and Creative Economy: the Case of Christiania

Urban Worlds

Getting Creative with the ‘Creative City’? Towards New Perspectives on Creativity in Urban Policy


Struggling for the Right to the (Creative) City in Berlin and Hamburg: New Urban Social Movements, New ‘Spaces of Hope’?

What Role for Social Science in the ‘Urban Age’?

Book Reviews

The Fate of Cities: Urban America and the Federal Government, 1945–2000 – By Roger Biles; The Integration Debate: Competing Futures for American Cities – Edited by Chester Hartman and Gregory D. Squires

Does Local Government Matter? How Urban Policies Shape Civic Engagement – By Elaine B. Sharp

Everyday Law on the Street: City Governance in an Age of Diversity – By Mariana Valverde

Transforming Private Landlords – By Tony Crook and Peter A. Kemp

Land of Strangers – By Ash Amin

City of Extremes: The Spatial Politics of Johannesburg – By Martin J. Murray