Volume 39  Issue 6  November 2015


Urban Poverty, Segregation and Social Networks in São Paulo and Salvador, Brazil

Segregated Networks in the City

Beyond Bureaucracy: How Prosecutors and Public Defenders Enforce Urban Planning Laws in São Paulo, Brazil

Inclusionary Zoning and Exclusionary Development: The Politics of ‘Affordable Housing’ in North Brooklyn

Towards a ‘Post-Neoliberal’ Mode of Housing Regulation? The Israeli Social Protest of Summer 2011

Subterranean Commodification: Informal Housing and the Legalization of Basement Suites in Vancouver from 1928 to 2009

Rental as A Taste of Freedom: The Decline of Home Ownership amongst Working-class Youth in Spain during Times of Crisis

A Sense of Displacement: Long-time Residents’ Feelings of Displacement in Gentrifying Bushwick, New York

Healthy Food Stores, Greenlining and Food Gentrification: Contesting New Forms of Privilege, Displacement and Locally Unwanted Land Uses in Racially Mixed Neighborhoods

Licensing, Popular Practices and Public Spaces: An Inquiry via the Geographies of Street Food Vending

Whose Responsibility? The Role of Bouncers in Policing the Public Spaces of Nightlife Districts


Gentrification, Social Justice and Personal Ethics

Migrant Businesses And The Symbolic Transformation Of Urban Neighborhoods: Towards a Research Agenda

Book Reviews

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