Volume 42  Issue 1  January 2018

In This Issue...

From the racial dynamics of land abandonment in the American Rust Belt to urban soundscapes in Delhi, IJURR’s first issue of the year once again brings together papers with a rich geographical and conceptual variety, offering ways to analyse and think about urban inequality. We open with a series of articles that explore the dynamics of social polarization and spatial segregation in cities. Rich case studies from Athens, Dortmund, Hanover and Nanjing City offer nuanced arguments about gentrification and revanchist urbanism. These are followed by further explorations of how the social production of urban space and everyday urban practices are marked by ‘race’ and class, not only reflecting, but also reproducing unequal power relations in cities. Then ‘Bourdieu Comes to Town’: the first of a two-part Interventions section. In addition to an English translation of an unpublished essay by Pierre Bourdieu, this section includes pieces that converge, as do the articles preceding them, on the theme of urban inequality: the high bourgeoisie and its control of space as a manifestation and source of its power, social space, symbolic power, and cultural capital in cities, the production of spatial categories, housing and the urban poor. They show how Bourdieu’s work opens new domains for, and approaches to, urban inquiry.

— Mustafa Dikeç


Beyond Space: Spatial (Re)Production and Middle-Class Remaking Driven by Jiaoyufication in Nanjing City, China

Being Good Parents or Being Good Citizens: Dilemmas and Contradictions of Urban Families in Middle-Class Enclaves and Mixed Neighbourhoods in Germany

Planning Gentrification and the ‘Absent’ State in Athens

Race and the Production of Extreme Land Abandonment in the American Rust Belt

‘If I Was King Of India I Would Get All The Horns Out Of Cars’: A Qualitative Study of Sound In Delhi


Bourdieu Comes to Town: Pertinence, Principles, Applications

Social Space and the Genesis of Appropriated Physical Space

Social Power and Power Over Space: How the Bourgeoisie Reproduces itself in the City

Urban Distinctions: Class, Culture and Sociability in the City of Porto

Emerging Cultural Capital in the City: Profiling London and Brussels

Categorizing Neighborhoods: The Invention of ‘Sensitive Areas’ in France and ‘Historic Districts’ in the United States

Heavy is the House: Rent Burden among the American Urban Poor

Book Reviews

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