Volume 45  Issue 2  March 2021


Through the Optics of Finance: Speculative Urbanism and the Transformation of Markets

The Extended Local State Under Financialized Capitalism: Institutional Bricolage and the Use of Intermunicipal Companies to Manage Financial Pressure

Contradictions of Financial Capital Switching: Reading the Corporate Leverage Crisis through The Port of Liverpool’s Whole Business Securitization

Governance of Waterfront Regeneration Projects: Experiences from Two Second‐tier Cities in Sweden

Financialized Gentrification and Class Composition in the Post‐Industrial City: A Rent Strike Against a Real Estate Investment Trust in Hamilton, Ontario

Extracting Value, London Style: Revisiting the Role of the State in Urban Development

The Making of Post‐Post‐Soviet Ruins: Infrastructure Development and Disintegration in Contemporary Russia


Ruination and Rejuvenation: Rethinking Growth and Decline through an Inverted Telescope

Taking City Rankings Seriously: Engaging with Benchmarking Practices in Global Urbanism

City Benchmarking, Globalized Urban Scholarship and the View From Above: Reflections on a Few Absences

Wayfinding in the Long Shadow of City Benchmarking: Or How to Manufacture (an Economy of) Comparability in the Global Urban

For or Against ‘The Business of Benchmarking’?

Whose City Benchmarks? The Role of the Critical Urbanist in Comparative Urban Measuring

Book Reviews

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Nicholas D’Avella 2019: Concrete Dreams: Practice, Value and Built Environments in Post‐crisis Buenos Aires. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press

Matthew Hayes 2018: Gringolandia: Lifestyle Migration under Late Capitalism. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press