Volume 46  Issue 2  March 2022


Urban Waterlines: Socio-natural Productions of Indifference in an Indian City


From the Sanitary City to the Circular City? Technopolitics of Wastewater Restructuring in Los Angeles, California

The Zoonotic City: Urban Political Ecology and the Pandemic Imaginary

Botanic Urbanism: The Technopolitics of Controlled Environments in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Aiming For The ‘Green’: (Post)Colonial and Aesthetic Politics in the Design of a Purified Gated Environment

Normalizing Urban Entrepreneurialism Through Sly De-Politicization: City Centre Development in Gothenburg and Stockholm

Section 106, Viability, and the Depoliticization of English Land Value Capture Policy


YIMBYISM and the Housing Crisis in Canada and the United States: A Critical Reflection

Saying ‘Yes’ to What?: YIMBY and Urban Redevelopment in Chicago

Pro-Growth Ethos Mediated by Race: No YIMBY, No Zoning and the Housing Crisis in Houston

Planners’ Alchemy Achieved? How NIMBY AND YIMBY Reproduce the Housing Question

YIMBYism, the Environment, and the Remaking of Race and Class Coalitions in Austin, Tx

YIMBY: The Latest Frontier of Gentrification

YIMBYism Then and Now