• New Spotlight On Parched Cities, Parched Citizens

    For the latest Spotlight On web series, we invited scholars to focus on the socio-political causes, contexts, and consequences of water scarcity in cities around the world.
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  • The Urban Now

    This new web feature offers a space for critical, reflective, and more immediate responses to a range of pressing urban affairs.
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  • New Spotlight On Disruptive Technologies

    For the new issue of IJURR’s Spotlight On web series, we invited scholars to discuss the challenges that various new technologies, digital or otherwise, present to established urban practices and infrastructures
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  • Southern Cities in the United States: Cracking the Black Box

    The new Virtual Issue compiled in conjunction with the 2018 AAG in New Orleans is now free to view for one year
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Detail from a map depicting the neighborhoods and significant sites surrounding the proposed Corredor Cultural Chapultepec (cartography © Ben  Gerlofs)

A cry’ for the right to the neighbourhood: graffiti in the main street of Istanbul’s gentrifying district of Tophane (photo © Nazli Eda  Noyan, October 2018)

Posters of social movement events on  the wall of the Center of the Movimiento de Pobladores en Lucha in Peñalolén (photo © Corinna Hölzl, April 2011)