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World Cities and the Uneven Geographies of Financialization: Unveiling Stratification and Hierarchy in the World City Archipelago by Michiel Van Meeteren and David Bassens (featured image shows a detail from photo by Guilhem Vellut, (CC-BY, http://creativecommons.org/ licenses/by/4.0/) of the view from the 124th floor at the top of Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai)


Animating the Urban Vortex: New Sociological Urgencies by Suzanne Hall and Mike Savage (featured image shows a calling cards collage by Nicolas Palominos as part of the ‘Ordinary Streets’ research project led by Suzanne Hall, supported by LSE Cities)


Spaces of Extraction, Metropolitan Explosions: Planetary Urbanization and the Commodity Boom in Latin America by Martín Arboleda (featured image shows an iron ore smelting facility in Huasco, northern Chile; the rusting sign reads: RECINTO INDUSTRIAL / NO INGRESAR EXTRAÑOS / GUIDE LA FLORA Y FAUNA. Photo © Martín Arboleda)