• Call for Papers

    IJURR invites papers on Right-wing Populisms and the City
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  • New Spotlight On Race, Justice, and the City

    For the new issue of IJURR’s Spotlight on web series, we asked scholars working in a variety of settings to critically reflect on the contemporary inscription of race on urban space
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  • IJURR 1977-2017: The 40th Anniversary Virtual Issue

    In celebration of IJURR’s 40th anniversary, we have compiled a new Virtual Issue featuring select contributions.
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  • Bourdieu Comes to Town

    The January 2018 issues features an Intervention introduced by Loic Wacquant, featuring a previously unpublished piece by Pierre Bourdieu
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Featured image shows a detail from a view of the historic centre of Porto, taken from the parish of Vitória (photo © Virgílio Borges Pereira, 2005)

Featured image shows a stencil on a building wall opposing gentrification in the area of Metaxourgio in Athens (photo © Georgia Alexandri, 2009)

Featured image shows one of three neighboring high-street chain property agencies in close proximity to Nanjing No. 29 Middle School (photo © Qiyan Wu, 2014)