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The Structural Origins of Territorial Stigma: Water and Racial Politics in Metropolitan Detroit, 1950s–2010s by Dana Kornberg (featured image shows a political cartoon by The Detroit News cartoonist Draper Hill, depicting Detroit’s first African American mayor, Coleman Young, aggressively protecting the city’s authority over the water department from neighboring suburban counties. 4 June 1981; reproduced by permission of The Detroit News);


Institutionalization and Depoliticization of the Right to the City: Changing Scenarios for Radical Social Movements by Sergio Belda-Miquel et al., (featured image shows a participant of a homeless movement (MSTB) occupation site in Salvador experimenting with models of houses in a process of participatory planning, April 2010 (photo by Gynna Millán, reproduced with permission);


Ponds, Power and Institutions: The Everyday Governance of Accessing Urban Water Bodies in a Small Bengali City by Natasha Cornea et al., (featured image shows a frame from a cartoon strip by Sorit Gupto illustrating social conflict over privatization of natural resources. Detail from Reflection in a Pond, reproduced by permission of Down to Earth magazine, http://www.downtoearth.org.in/)