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A Transposition of Territory: Decolonized Perspectives in Current Urban Research by Anke Schwarz and Monika Streule (featured image shows a detail from a mural on the wall of the municipal building in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico, symbolizing the resistance movement against the siting of a new international airport on communal land, whitewashed in December 2013 by the newly elected council. Photo by Monika Streule, June 2013)

Urban Sensing by Crowdsourcing: Analysing Urban Trip Behaviour in Zurich by Dongyoun Shin (featured image shows a detail from a crowdsourced heat map showing dense areas of student travel in Zurich. Map produced by Dongyoun Shin)


Rethinking Urban Epidemiology: Natures, Networks, and Materialities by Meike Wolf (featured image shows a detail from a scanning electron micrograph of Ebola virus budding from the surface of a Vero cell (African green monkey kidney epithelial cell line) NIAID, CC-BY, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)