• New Spotlight On Disruptive Technologies

    For the new issue of IJURR’s Spotlight On web series, we invited scholars to discuss the challenges that various new technologies, digital or otherwise, present to established urban practices and infrastructures
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  • Southern Cities in the United States: Cracking the Black Box

    The new Virtual Issue compiled in conjunction with the 2018 AAG in New Orleans is now free to view for one year
    View the full issue here

  • IJURR 1977-2017: The 40th Anniversary Virtual Issue

    In celebration of IJURR’s 40th anniversary, we have compiled a Virtual Issue featuring select contributions.
    Read the open access issue here

  • Bourdieu Comes to Town

    The January 2018 issue features an Intervention introduced and edited by Loic Wacquant, which includes a previously unpublished paper by Pierre Bourdieu
    Read the full Intervention here


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Ghazipur Landfi ll, Delhi, India (photo © Seth Schindler, 2011);

Detail from a vision of a model city in the Visions and Pathways 2040 project depicting ‘Visions, Scenarios and Pathways for Low-Carbon Resilient Futures in Australian Cities’ (© Simon Cookes, Victorian Eco Innovation Lab [VEIL] and the CRC for Low Carbon Living [CRCLCL], 2014);

East Side Wildflower Meadow, Detroit, Michigan, USA (photo © Paul Draus, July 2018)