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‘We Live on Estimates’: Everyday Practices of Prepaid Electricity and the Urban Condition in Maputo, Mozambique by Idalina Baptista (featured image shows detail of open spillways, Akosombo Dam in Ghana; photo by ZSM, Wikimedia Commons)


Disrupted Infrastructures: An Urban Political Ecology of Interrupted Electricity in Accra by Jonathan Silver (featured image shows a detail of electrical wiring; every effort has been made under the UK Intellectual Property Office’s diligent search guidelines to ascertain the copyright holder of this image)


Unsettling Neoliberal Rationalities: Engaged Ethnography and the Meanings of Responsibility in the Dominican Republic and Mexico by Bj⊘rn Sletto and Anja Nygren (featured image shows solid waste accumulation in Los Platanitos, Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic; photo by Bj⊘rn Sletto)