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Modernist Ideas and Local Reception: The company towns of Piazzola sul Brenta and Borgonyà, 1895–1930 By Francesco Visentin (featured image shows a detail from a postcard of Piazzola sul Brenta, circa 1900–15 © Dario Tecchio private collection, reproduced with permission)

Trump in Scotland: A Study of Power-Topologies and Golf Topographies By Erik Jönsson (featured image shows a detail from Woman with Unicorn [the national ‘animal’ of Scotland], Fresco by Domenichino (working under Annibale Carracci), 1604–05, Farnese Palace, Rome © Alinari, reproduced with permission)


Unseeing Chinatown: Universal Zoning, Planning Abstraction and Space of Difference By Napong Tao Rugkhapan (featured image shows a detail from a plan illustrating the radii i of density upzoning around future transit situations in Bangkok. TURCI, 2015, open source)