Personal Information/Privacy

The IJURR Foundation collects personal details such as nationality, age and study details through application forms and offer letters via the Foundation’s website and Gmail account. The Foundation will use this information as follows:

Application forms are shared with the Foundation’s Trustees and discussed at our annual meeting. Forms are shared via Dropbox and deleted from both Dropbox and all devices after successful applicants have accepted awards.

  • Award holders’ name, nationality and details of PhD course will be displayed on the Foundation’s website.
  • Award holders’ name, nationality, gender, email address and study details are used for our alumni records. Details (not email addresses) may be shared with members of the IJURR Journal board to demonstrate impact of awards. Alumni may be contacted via email for invitation to alumni groups (online) or events.
  • Nationality, country of study and area of study are used in our annual data for accounts and trustee reports, e.g. number of applicants from different countries and disciplines applying. Details will not be identifiable, only general statistics are used.
  • Bank details will only be used for payment of awards. Bank details are held by the company administrator and shared with the treasurer for payment. Payments are made from the charity’s HSBC bank account and bank statements are shared with the accountant at the end of each financial year.
  • You may request to see the information we hold on you or correct any information which is inaccurate at any time by contacting: : [email protected]
  • Information will only be held as long as necessary and then deleted. Unsuccessful applications will be deleted once grants have been awarded. Successful applications will be held for the duration of your award period (i.e. from date of application plus one academic year). Alumni details (name, email address) will be added to our mailing list if consent is given.
  • All data is held by the charity’s administrator on a password protected device and cloud storage (Dropbox during the decision making process and Onedrive at all other times).

Conditions of Studentship/Writing up grant Awards

Students must provide:

  • Proof of registration onto a suitable PhD course
  • Progress reports from both themselves and supervisor to be received no later than 28 February in the academic year of award
  • Details of the University’s upgrading procedure and the reports after the procedure is completed
  • Details of any changing circumstances which affect this studentship, you must notify the Foundation immediately
  • An abstract of your research to be displayed on the Foundation’s website (250 words)

Acknowledgement of the IJURR Foundation support must be made in all future publications based on your current research.

Value of Awards

  • Studentship—up to £12000. The Foundation reserves the right to award a lower amount and makes the decision on a case by case basis.
  • Writing up grant—up to £6000. The Foundation reserves the right to award a lower amount and makes the decision on a case by case basis.

This policy was last updated on 24 May 2018

The full PDF of this statement can be found here.