Research Grants 1995-2014

Research grants were awarded to early career Postdoctoral researchers. These small grants were to help with fieldwork expenses or to encourage conference attendance or networking.



Ivana Socoloff, Argentinian
Real estate players, financialization and the production of the city: strategies and constraints in Buenos Aires (1991-2013.)


Ana Aceska, Macedonian
Policies and Dichotomies: Exploring Senses of Togetherness across the Border in Ethnically Divided Cities.

Robert Romborah Simiyu, Kenyan
Gender and Urban Food Production in Public Open Spaces in Eldoret Town, Kenya


Faiza Moatasim, Pakistani
Making Exceptions: Politics of Place in the Planned Modernist City of Islamabad.

Yunpeng Zhang, Chinese
Better City, Better Life? The Fate of Displacees from the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

He Huang, Chinese
The New-Generation Migrant Workers’ Responses to Social Inequalities in Urban China.


Kirti Kusum Joshi, Nepali
Urban Growth in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: A Holistic Analysis.

Cebisile Ntombini Ali Marrengane, South African
Sub-National Government and the Mitigation of HIV & AIDS under Conditions of Rapid Urbanisation: The Case of Mbabane, Swaziland 1995-2005

Natalya Lazar, Ukrainian
The Fate of Czernowitz Jews: Genocide and Memory in Bukovina.

Keerty Nakray, Indian
Reproductive Well-Being and Capabilities of Women: Rethinking Public Health Budgets and Policies in Urban Contexts in India.

Juan Carlos Santa Cruz Grau, Chilean
Has the local government influenced the effects of economic changes? Situations of stagnation or decline in Southern Italy and East Germany. 

Kareem Buyana, Ugandan
Gendered Vulnerabilities and Adaptabilities to Climate Change-Induced Displacement in Kampala City, Uganda: Implications for Policy.

Denisse Gelber, Uruguayan
Investing in human capital, for what jobs? A comparative study of the impact of neighbourhood characteristics on youth employment trajectories.

Evren Yalaz, Turkish
The Transnational Political Activities and Political Incorporation of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and France.


Omar Pereyra, Peruvian
Urban Transformation and Boundary-Work: Trends towards Segregation and Integration.


Denise Adell de Freitas Guimarães, Brazilian
Social Distinctions and inequality in the domestic space in contemporary São Paulo

Mohd Amir Anwar, Indian
Bringing Globalisation to Countryside: The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones and Conflicts around them in India. A Study of West Bengal.

Sai Balakrishnan, Indian
Land Rights and Entitlements: The Case of Kolkata’s Informal Settlements, India.

Yannan Ding, Chinese
Social Empowerment and Spatial Segregation with focus on Chinese ‘Village in Cities.’

Svitlana Frunchak, Ukrainian
Construction on Ruins: The Soviet Union Transformation of the Borderland City of Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Azat Gundogen, Turkish
On the outskirts of a mega-city, in the centre of industrial production: urbanisation and political mobilization in GEbze, Turkey.

Cesar Guzman-Concha, Chilean
Rethinking rasicalism: the squatter movement in comparative perspective.

Raiza Siqueira, Brazilian
Politic relations in the periphery of Rio do Janeiro

Salila Vanka, Indian
Civic Space and Civil Society: A Study of Public Life in Public Parks in Bangalore, India.