The IJURR Foundation promotes urban and regional research. Within this broad field it is particularly keen to encourage an understanding of the interconnection between social, economic and political processes and of the broader causes and effects of these processes. Research which examines policies critically and focuses on their unintended as well as intended consequences is more likely to be supported than research on managerially defined questions. Conversely, research which takes a ‘technical’ approach to urban and regional questions and does not place them within wider contexts of understanding is unlikely to be given priority. Although this is likely to lead to social scientists such as sociologists, political scientists, geographers, economists and town planners predominating among applicants, others such as lawyers, cultural theorists, anthropologists and historians should not be discouraged from applying.

Types of Grants

Two types of grants are awarded to post graduate research students working within the field of urban and regional studies. Studentships are awarded to post graduate students in the earlier stages (generally who have not started their fieldwork yet). Writing-up Grants are awarded to post graduate students who have completed all their field work, commenced their writing up, and already know the date when they will submit their dissertation. Applicants for the Writing-up grant usually will be in their third or later year of study. Awards are only for students completing a PhD or equivalent, not Masters students.

Both grants are awarded to students with nationality of a low-income or middle-income  country as classified by the World Bank. Preference will be given to students who completed their first degrees (BA/BSc, MA/MSc ) in their home country or another low or middle-income country. Note middle-income includes both lower and higher middle income.


The 2024 round of applications is now closed (note, the Studentship scheme is paused this year). Successful applicants for Writing up Grants  will be informed by the end of April 2024. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances and no correspondence will be entered into. Applications for 2025 awards will reopen December 1st 2024. 

Detailed information and application for the Studentships

Detailed information and application for the Writing-up Grants

Past and Current Awardees

Since 2008 the IJURR Foundation Studentships have been awarded to over 90 post graduate students. The Writing-up grants were first awarded in 2013 and have now been awarded to more than 80 people.