The IJURR Foundation is very excited to be supporting the first event in the UTA-Do Conversations series. 

Aug 30, 2023  •  Nairobi, Kenya

This conversation aims to interrogate how Africa features in global theory on and policy practices of climate change and related phenomena, including the Anthropocene and “green transitions.” In particular, we seek to foreground how the experiences within African cities can nuance these discourses and practices. 

We seek to elicit more voices in framing and debating climate emergencies in Africa, including from activists and scholars who don’t work in the field. There is an urgent need to localise and decolonise our experiences of climate emergencies in both theory and practice. For the next generation of African urban scholars, it is important for us to work towards co-creating imaginations to stem — and theorise — the many interrelated challenges that continue to make our cities and scholarship unequal. 

Nairobi is a timely location for this conversation: It is the site for not one but three international climate conferences the following week (Africa Climate SummitAfrica Climate Week, and GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference) in the lead-up to COP28 in Dubai. 

Join us

We invite grassroots activistspractitioners, students and academics (in particular, early career scholars) to participate in this one-day event. The conversation will center around what we need to change in climate emergency discussions so that they may reflect our urban realities. 

While our speakers are established academics and practitioners, we encourage early-career scholars from across East Africa to participate in this event. We seek to support co-learning, co-mentoring and network building to encourage democratic access to diverse urban studies platforms. 

Register here by 31st July.




Africa’s Climate Justice Emergency: What are we facing?
Speaker: Njenga Muchekehu (Nairobi City Advisor at C40 Cities)

Panel Discussion

What do mitigation, adaptation and resilience actually mean? (and for whom, when, where and how?) 
Panelists: Murefu Barasa (EED Advisory), Edward Borgstein (Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet), others TBA


Crisis of Imagination / (re)Imaginations for (Climate) Crisis
Speakers: Lauren Hermanus in Nairobi (African Centre for Cities), Chandni Singh in Bengaluru (Indian Institute for Human Settlements), and Ankit Kumar in London (University of Sheffield) 
Respondents: Wangui Kimari in Nairobi (UTA-Do); others TBA

Film Screening

We are lucky to have a preliminary screening of After Oil the first documentary feature film by Africa Is a Country


Reception & Performance: from Nairobi poet Nyash