Volume 27  Issue 3  September 2003




Mobility and the middle classes: a case study of Manchester and the North West

Many roads to flexibility: how large firms built autarchic regional production systems in France

The politics of ethnic integration in Singapore: Malay ‘regrouping’ as an ideological construct

Limits of imagineering: a case study of Penang

Citizenship and the right to the global city: reimagining the capitalist world order

A legacy of control? The capital subsidy for housing, and informal settlement intervention in South Africa

The ambivalence of diversity and the politics of urban renaissance: the case of youth in downtown Portland, Maine

City of art as a High Culture local system and cultural districtualization processes: the cluster of art restoration in Florence



Unspeakable September 11th: Taken for‐granted assumptions, selective reality construction and populist politics

Technology vs ‘terrorism’: circuits of city surveillance since September 11th

Dealing with urban terror: heritages of control, varieties of intervention, strategies of research


Growing cohesive communities one favour at a time: social exclusion, active citizenship and time banks

World cities in poor countries: conclusions from case studies of the principal regional and global players

Interrogating ‘Enterprise Europe’: issues of coordination, governance and spatial development in the European Union’s emerging enterprise policy

Toward an understanding of the spatiality of urban poverty: the urban poor as spatial actors

Architecture, banal nationalism and re‐territorialization

Review Essays

China’s Urbanization

Book Reviews

Book Reviews