The decision to found a new journal in 1977, first proposed by Manuel Castells to his colleagues on the Board of ISA Research Committee on the Sociology of Regional and Urban Development (RC 21) a year or two previously, was the product of several factors and motivations. From the mid-1960s governments of every political persuasion invested heavily in urban modernization and funded extensive programmes of policy oriented research. At the same time a new and growing generation of politically engaged young social scientists, in Western and Eastern Europe and the USA notably, were being drawn into this work but rejected the uncritical and ideological basis for much of the pre-existing urban social science.

Out of this there began to develop an international network of critical urban research, much of it centred on the ISA RC 21 which was formed in the early 1970s. There followed an outpouring of new work, of conferences and publications. But, as the founders of IJURR recognized, most of this activity was based in a few countries in Western Europe and predominantly involved sociologists (developments in radical geography were also occurring but somewhat separately). The hope, and it was fulfilled, was that a new international journal would eventually draw in a far wider range of research, academic disciplines and geographies than the RC could encompass. It is also important to note that from the outset, as my original introduction to issue 1 noted, IJURR welcomed and aimed to publish the widest possible range of critical work on urban and regional problems. It was not intended to be the preserve of any particular theoretical or methodological orientation, nor was it. One other feature which didn’t last deserves mention, at the outset IJURR was a bilingual publication (English and French).

Many of these aspirations for a truly international and multi-disciplinary journal took years to achieve and the contents of Volume 1 strongly reflect the, in retrospect, limited concerns and scope of the ‘new urban sociology’ (as it was loosely termed) of the 1970s. In particular, the state and policy centred origins of much critical urban research now seems more narrow in scope and focus than it seemed at the time. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the opening pages of the first issue: a debate on urbanism and the state. Other key themes included work on urban social movements and urban politics, collective consumption, the urban fiscal crisis and capitalist landownership and rent. As these papers demonstrated IJURR began to drawn in and so promote a more varied (by discipline and location) and theoretically diverse range of work, as intended.

What was less clear at the time was that by the late 1970s the era (in the West) of steady economic growth, rapid urbanization, expanding urban programmes and expanding funding for urban research had already passed. The consequences of all this, in the new era for states, economies and societies, soon became reflected in the subsequent pages of IJURR.

Michael Harloe
IJURR Founding Editor
March 2017












Vol 1.1—March 1977

Founding Editorial Statement 1977
Michael Harloe


Stratification, the Relation between States and Urban and Regional Development
R. E. Pahl

L’Analyse Marxiste de l’État
Jean Lojkine

Pahl and Lojkine on the State: A Comment
Enzo Mingione

Two Divergent Theories of the State
Richard Child Hill

Les Conditions Sociales d’Émergence des Mouvements Sociaux Urbains: À Partir d’une Enquěte Exploratoire sur les Luttes Urbaines dans la Région Parisienne, 1968–73
Manuel Castells

State Capitalism and the Urban Fiscal Crisis in the United States
Richard Child Hill

Equipements Collectifs et Consommation Sociale
Edmond Preteceille

Urban Praxis – Praxis Urbaine

Economic Crisis and Oppositional Movements in the USA
S. M. Miller

Contradictions Urbaines et Guerre Civile: La Destruction du Bidonville de ‘la Quarantaine’ à Beyrouth
Micheline Massabni

Marginalité Urbaine et Mouvements Sociaux au Mexique: Le Mouvement des ‘Posesionarios’ dans la Ville de Monterrey
Manuel Castells

Popular Movements and Urban Alternatives in Post‐Franco Spain
Jordi Borja

Book Reviews and Review Articles –  Comptes Rendus et Notes Critiques

Monopolville: the Economic and Political Logic of Capital
Monopolville: une Étape Importante dans la Recherche Sociologique
Danielle Bleitrach and Alain Chenu

Monopolville: l’Entreprise et la Ville
Henri Coing

Methodological Sectarianism in Urban Sociology
Patrick Dunleavy












Vol 1.2—July 1977


Protest and Quiescence in Urban Politics: A Critique of some Pluralist and Structuralist Myths
Patrick Dunleavy

Marxist Approaches to the Study of Urban Politics: Divergences among some recent French Studies
C. G. Pickvance

L’état et L’urbain: Contribution à une Analyse Matérialiste des Politiques Urbaines dans les pays Capitalistes Développés
Jean Lojkine

On the Political Economy of Urbanization in the Third World: The Case of West Africa
Josef Gugler, William G. Flanagan

La Dimension Internationale des Politiques Urbaines dans le Tiers Monde
Henri Coing

Politique du Logement de L’état: Exigences du Capital et Lutte des Classes
Susanna Magri

Urban Praxis – Praxis Urbaine

Save our Cities
Ruth Jacobs

Playing Politics with Disaster: The Earthquakes of Friuli and Belice (Italy)
Thomas Angotti

L’enjeu des Élections Municipales en France
Edmond Preteceille

Comments – Commentaires

A Rejoinder to Mingione and Hill
R. E. Pahl

A Brief Comment on Pahl’s Rejoinder
Richard Child Hill

Book Reviews and Review Articles – Comptes Rendus et Notes Critiques

The ‘Bóias‐Frias’: Rural Proletarization and Urban Marginality in Brazil
David Goodman

Property Development: British and French Systems
Alejandrina Catalanco

The Crisis, the Corporations and the State
Enzo Mingione












Vol 1.3 – November 1977


Property & Rent: A Symposium

Differential Rent and the Role of Landed Property
Michael Ball

The Analysis of Capitalist Landownership
Doreen Massey

Surprofits et Rentes Foncières dans la Ville Capitaliste
Christian Topalov


Political Conflict, Urban Structure, and the Fiscal Crisis
Roger Friedland

Urban Praxis – Praxis Urbaine

Politique du Logement et Lutte de Classes au Chili (1970‐75)
Pedro G. Pascal Allend

Book Reviews and Review Articles –  Comptes Rendus et Notes Critiques

The Restructuring of Industrial Space
M. F. Dunford

The British New and Expanded Towns: Hail and Farewell?
Meryl Aldridge

Urban Problems and Urban Policies, or Merely Urban Assumptions? — A Review of Recent Urban Research in Australia
Martin Ravallion

‘Where Ignorant Armies Clash by Night’: the Community Action Movement
Chris Paris

Sur L’intervention de L’état dans le Financement du Logement
Didier Cornuel